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Novea post launch information

Chris T

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After having faced many obstacles this past day i'm glad to announce Novea is now officially online for everybody to play.
Double XP Will be turned on for the next 3 hours to make up for the delayed launch.​

Missing content

We might be missing a few things here and there.
Tomorrow we'll bring out an update to add these missing things in.
If you're aware of any bugs or QOL fixes please send them to ;;Staff or to us on ;;discord​

Client issues

If you disconnect in-game you have an outdated version downloaded and have to redownload on our website
If you're getting a black screen that means you don't have the latest Java downloaded
If you'd like to play on Mobile we've made a Download guide for you:

I've made sure my java is up to date, reinstalled novea entirely, and downloaded the jar - BUT - im still getting a black screen when i try to load up novea.. :| what now?


If you're getting a black screen that means you don't have the latest Java downloaded

I definitely have latest java, i have reinstalled both java and louncher, still getting black screen.


Was super excited to play, been watching the timer since yesterday. I'm still having black screen issues after making sure Java was up to date and even for save measures downloaded JDK. I tried the client.JAR but am getting the same issue. On mobile I disconnect after about 10-15 secs as well.

*edit, have uninstalled Novea multiple times.
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Group ironman
I'm also experiencing issues with logging in. Blackscreen even though I just downloaded the latest java. In how many hours should the new client be available, so I know when to try again?

Chris T