300 Million OSRS GP Tournament Starts In

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August 17, 2019, 5:42 am | by Tyler

EVENTS ARE BEING POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU GUYS :) Alright so I am going to start hosting weekend events, think of this as a trial run for one. If any of you have any ideas for other events, please make sure to put them in suggestions, I will be reading them :). I cant guarantee the exact time that everything will start as it will have to be after I get to work at around 11am MST will make sure that everyone is well aware when its time to begin xD. SATURDAY EVENT...
Hello Noveans Update #10 already.. and we'd like to welcome you to try out our new Minigame Last Man Standing (teleport wizard - minigames - last man standing) LMS is free to participate in for everybody. No items or stats requirements are needed and it's quite the good money maker if you're broke or cleaned. Here is the shop with various rewards you can get from participating in LMS 171 LMS is a survivial based minigame where everybody starts off with the same gear and is able to upgrade fr...


August 12, 2019, 6:14 pm | by Chris T

Hello Noveans Welcome to Update #9 - Vote Mystery Box has a new interface & the rewards have been buffed! ::Vote for yours every 12 hours! 161 - PK hotspots ::chins ::44s and inside revenant cave have been added (you get double PKP in these areas) - A new Novea client background has been implemented - To combat raggers in the wilderness you can now Blacklist up up to 3 people from attacking you in edgeville go to ::toggles - edgeville blacklist - Ketian wilderness boss now respawns every...
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