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How to Download mobile for Androids only.


Novea is one of the 1st RSPS to go mobile and for that reason alone makes us stand out!

You may not have been aware that apps not available in the Play store can still be installed on your Android device through a process known as "sideloading."
This will only work for Android as of right now unfortunately, but we hope to have this available ios in the future!

****The first thing you want to note is that if you already have the real OSRS mobile app this will not work. You will need to uninstall the OSRS app before you try installing the Novea mobile app. failing to do so you will see this,

This is a quick and painless 3 step guide for mobile access for Novea!

Step 1. After you've made sure you don't have real OSRS on your phone, download Novea Mobile here> https://noveaps.com/download/
(Note, some phones will automatically start the download and install the home icon.)

Step 2. Once downloaded, if it does not Auto open you will want to find your File Manager app or where ever you can see your downloaded files.

Step 3. Then go to the Downloads once you've found it, and find the Novea .apk file and start the install,

If everything goes smooth you should see,

The icon for Novea will pop up on your home screen and then you have completed the setup! It looks like real osrs but you can log-in with your novea credentials and it will work...

Thank you for checking out Novea mobile and Happy Gaming!
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