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Novea Updates [7/07/2020]

Chris T

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Hello Noveans,

Today we bring a big update including new content and the return of older content.


Galvek is the final boss of the Dragon Slayer II quest. This boss is very hard to defeat hence why we've changed his
droptable accordingly so that it's one of the best money makers in Novea.
You can find Galvek by using the teleport wizard - Monsters - Bosses - Galvek.

Galvek has 1,200 health and four phases, with each phase consisting of 300 Hitpoints each.
He uses all three forms of Combat, and a special dragonfire attack.
This attack is capable of killing players in one hit if they do not move away from it, regardless of their protection.
He can also launch pink dragonfire, which disables all prayers upon impact.


With the introduction of Galvek we're also implementing some new items.

Some notable drops include:

Basilisk jaw

This item can be attached to the helm of Neitiznot which will create the new best in slot helm: Neitiznot Facegaurd.


Dragonstone armour

The stats of the Dragonstone armour are the exact same as rune equipment. All pieces require level 40 Defence to equip.


Exodia the forbidden one

Exodia is the only custom boss in Novea. He can be found by entering the portal on the 1st floor of the donator zone.
He can be killed a certain amount of times daily. The amount of times you can kill him depends on your donator rank.

Exodia drops a lot of supplies usefull for skilling.
He also has a chance of dropping every PVP weapon and armour listed below.

  • Vesta's longsword
  • Statius warhammer
  • Zuriel's staff

  • Vesta's chainbody
  • Vesta's plateskirt
  • Statius's platebody
  • Statius's platelegs
  • Statius's full helm

  • Morrigan's leather body
  • Morrigan's leather chaps
  • Morrigan's coif

  • Zuriel's robe top
  • Zuriel's robe bottom
  • Zuriel's hood

Reopening of Raids 1

We're happy to announce that after a long wait we're able to reopen Raids. We've had to close off Raids in the past to fix
the infinite points bug which scewed the received drops.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed (nightmare staff special) Invocate will now take 75% of special energy
  • Fixed unlimited point bug in raids
  • Disabled and fixed target overlay toggle within questtab - You will no longer crash due to the interface being non existent
  • Fixed multiple game world NPC ID's
  • Readded Donator credit manager in general store
  • Players can now combine Kodai insignia + master wand to create kodai wand

Qol additions

  • ;; and :: commands now redirect to the website
  • Coin caskets GP drops have been buffed
  • Ket'ian wilderness boss GP drops have been nerfed
  • Added bank chest to ;;edgepvp
  • ::resettask command has been nerfed and now costs 150k GP
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