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Novea Updates 2/17/2023

Dad Sparc

Hello Noveans!
Today's update is a big one,
so get your reading glasses out, grab a snack, and listen up!

To start things off, today's update revolves around the skill:

Slayer has been COMPLETELY rewritten and has had a lot of changes.

For starters, there are no longer "easy, medium, hard, boss" tasks - it now works like osrs
There are now 5 slayer masters in Edgeville.

Vannaka - Level 1 Slayer Master
Vannaka will assign some of the lower-tier slayer monsters

Duradel - Level 50 Slayer Master
Duradel will assign the better slayer monsters,
with a chance at boss tasks if you've unlocked "Like a Boss"

Steve - Level 95 Slayer Master
Steve is a BOSS ONLY Slayer Master
Players may also now receive Corporeal Beast and Galvek Boss tasks now!

Konar - Level 75 Slayer Master
Konar will assign specific locations to tasks.
Players get the chance at a brimstone key drop from these tasks

Krystilia - Level 1 Slayer Master
Krystilia will assign wilderness tasks only.

*NOTE* Slayer Monsters that are related to the task are now killable on task.

Ex: Demonic Gorillas = Black demons

Superior Beasts
On a Slayer Task, players now have a 1/100 chance of spawning a superior beast!

Superior beasts have the chance to drop:

- imbued heart
- mist battlestaff
- dust battlestaff

- heart crystal

The Heart Crystal
Upon inspecting a heart crystal, you can unlock the new perks of the new OSRS Saturated heart
*BEWARE* when inspecting a heart crystal, it has the chance to explode and deal some intense damage.

When consuming a heart crystal, players unlock the permanent ability of Saturated hearts.
All imbued hearts will now work as a saturated heart for your character. This increases the maximum boost to +13.
*This item is tradable*

The Eternal Gem

Players may receive an eternal gem from Superior Slayer.
If players have unlocked "Ring Bling" - they may craft an eternal slayer ring

Eternal Slayer Ring

The Eternal Slayer Ring allows players to teleport directly to slayer tasks.
Alongside this, it also acts as a facemask, earmuffs, noseplug, witchwood icon, and boots of stone.

This means players can wear this ring in the karuulm slayer dungeon and avoid damage.

This ring also allows you to contact either Konar or Krystilia for a slayer task.

Basilisk Knights

Players may now kill Basilisk Knights!
In order to unlock these beasts, you must kill 100 regular Basilisks.
Upon killing your 100th Basilisk, it will drop a "ballad of the basilisk" scroll.
This scroll will unlock the cave entrance that is next to the basilisk monsters.

In order to kill basilisk knights, you must buy a V's sigil from a slayer master.
From there, you must combine the V's Sigil with a mirror shield, and imbue it at Horvik.

Basilisk knights have the small chance of dropping a basilisk jaw and more!

Fossil Island Wyverns

The long-awaited Fossil Island Wyverns have now come to Novea!
You may receive this task from a slayer master, or kill them on your own with a teleport from the wizard.
These Wyverns have the chance at dropping the Ancient Wyvern Visage and more!

Continue below...

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Dad Sparc

Forthos Dungeon
Players may now use the Wizard to teleport to the Forthos Dungeon!

NPC's in the dungeon have the chance at dropping a Grubby Key, used to get some supplies from the Grubby Chest.
Players may use bones on the Sacred Bone Burner next to the Red Dragons for Prayer EXP and recharging Prayer.

At the end of the dungeon, awaits Sarachnis!


This boss is a lower-tier multi spider boss.
It has several attacks, and a unique droptable.

You may also get this boss as a Boss-Slayer Task.

Crystalline Slayer
Players may now receive a Crystalline Beast Slayer Task!

Brimstone Chest
brimstone key.png
Players may now open the Brimstone chest with keys obtained from Konar tasks/Superior beasts.
The droptable is similar to the OSRS Droptable with the rare chance at superior unique drops.

In other news....
- The first level of the donator zone is now available to ALL donator ranks
- GIM Group removal is in the first phase of testing
- More Killcounters have been added to the game
- Superior Beasts now have a new collection log
- The Slayer Ring is now fully functional
- Olmlet drop rate has been reduced
- The 200m Hitpoints cape now functions as an unlimited Blood Fury
- The Korasi's Sword now functions as the VoidWaker on OSRS

Later in the week rates for the following will be publicly released:
- Superior Beast Spawns
- Individual task weightings
- Brimstone Key Drops

Nechryael Superior is currently disabled.
Basilisk Knight Superior is currently disabled.
Infernal Pyrelord Superior is currently disabled.
Spiked Turoth Superior is currently disabled.
Shadow Wyrm Superior is currently disabled.
Guardian Drake Superior is currently disabled.
Colossal Hydra is currently disabled.

Thank you for taking the time to read until the end and happy gaming Noveans!
- Novea Staff Team
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Damn! Super detailed updates! Sad iv missed so much but hopefully gonna get back to grinding