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Lost my items??!? :/


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Hi my name is ItsMalice, some of you may know me, so just as I'm writing this it has been 10minutes since time of incident.
basically what happened was I was trying learning how to kill the bandos gw boss, and I got hit three times instantly, for a massive three hit bubble for 149 HP, so as you can imagine I wasn't sparcly geared, I was wearing Vesta longsword which alone I paid (320m) gp for because I really wanted one, primordial boots (110m) gp, Bandos Chestpiece (55m) gp, bandos Tassets (55m) gp, amulet of torture (300m) gp, Dragon Fire Shield (45m) and statius's helm (idk).
What makes me upset is I knew something was wrong because I didn't have my gear I kept on death so I instinctivly went the check the magic chest my gear could've been in but I checked and nothing was in there, so then I decided to check my bank and all my tabs but alas all my gear wasent even in there... Like what the heck man!! I'm so upset since I'm trying to hit 30million slayer xp and that was my main slayer set up, pleeeease I just want my perfect gear back :'(
any help would be amazing .. .. Much love <3
-ItsMalice of canadia