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800m Dharok Tournament Video & Results


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Be nice I'm just getting into video making <3

Huge thanks to Mole & Lion King for making this possible!

Today we had a fun tournament with a good group of players and I'd say it turned out well :)
Huge Grats to '
IDONTGIVEAFK' for winning 1ST place and 600m GP!
In Second Place we had 'Chamon' winning 100m, Spectral Spirit Shield, and Basilisk Jaw
In 3RD place we had 'AGS CURT' winning Dragon Clawz



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Good content, I suggest looking in to a program other than Bandi Cam. Also as for microphone, if you can land a set of apple headphone, their mic is pretty good in the cheaper price range of things.

None the less, keep it up & keep aiming for better.