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Loot from 100 Ancient Caskets!

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Hey Noveans,

Along the new Christmas event we added a new item to ::store the Ancient casket!
The Ancient casket acts like a limited time mystery box giving some insane rewards.
It can be bought for 150 credits from the donator shop north of edgeville.
It drops boosted super mystery box rewards including the Scythe of vitur, Twisted bow and Nex armour pieces!
Here's a video on 100 casket openings:



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Thuong hieu CANG SAI GON tung mot thoi la tieu chuan ve khai thac Cang Bien, diem den uu tien cua cac Hang Tau tren toan the gioi va la moi truong lam viec mo uoc cua sinh vien Hang Hai, Giao Thong Van Tai, Ngoai Thuong hay Co Khi - Dien Tu.

Nam ve ha nguon song Sai Gon, cua ngo cua Hon Ngoc Vien Dong. Noi co Ben Nha Rong , Cang Sai Gon nhu mot chung nhan lich su truoc nhung thang tram, doi thay cua Dat Nuoc tu nhung nam 1860.

Den Sai Gon, ai chang mong mot lan ghe noi Chang trai Nguyen Tat Thanh ra di tim duong cuu nuoc. Ngam nhung con tau hang to lon ra vao Cang Khanh Hoi, Tan Thuan. Mo mong voi nhung chiec du thuyen hien dai tap nap tren song roi chot thot len :"Sai Gon dep lam, Sai Gon oi, sai Gon oi".

Tren tinh than nghi quyet 24-NQ/TW, Chuyen doi so lanh vuc Logistics, ung dung cong nghe nang cao nang luc canh tranh.

Cty CEH vinh du duoc Cang Sai Gon giao trach nhiem cung tham gia thiet ke, phat trien mot he thong CNTT hien dai vao khai thac Cang, nang cao san luong, tu dong hoa quy trinh kiem soat, giao nhan, phu hop voi mo hinh Cang Trung chuyen quoc te. Thay doi he thong CATOS, PLTOS hien huu bang nen tang cong nghe hien dai, than thien, tich hop he sinh thai va mang lai hanh phuc cho nguoi dung.

Sai Gon Port, Gio day, chung toi co co hoi dong gop tri tue, cong nghe, kinh nghiem, chan thanh cua minh de "Make SaiGon Port Great Again" , Cam on su tin tuong cua Lanh Dao, tam tam cua anh chi em cong ty Cang Sai Gon va vung dat da cuu mang gan 30 nam.

Cho mot ngay mai, lai duoc hat tren Song " Sai Gon dep lam, Sai Gon oi, Sai Gon oi..."

He Thong Tien Ma Hoa Vietnam Smarthub Logistics


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