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Looking for a challenge?

Yo its Toku/HCIM Ninja . Im looking for a group to start fresh new group ironman or hcim account with as a challenge with certain goals to make it more interesting. Pm me if you are interested as i will be starting in hopefully very soon let me know folks.

Long-term goals:
- completed all quest
- 1 of each barrows set
- 1000 of each boss +wildy bosses killed
- 1 of each god set (gwd)
- 1 pvp kill
- 1 of each raids item (across all accounts)
- maxed (obviously lel)
(More suggestions?)

18+ of age
Please no drama ^^


a gamer
I’d be down I’m almost maxed on my main, and always wanted to do a gim, I’m 17 so like I’m not 18+ but if ur fine making an exception I don’t bite.