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Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #2

Iron Mark

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Hey there!

So since my last post i've been grinding for a bit and got myself some upgraded gear and worked on most of the skills..

Total level progress post #1: 1403/2277
Total level: 1827/2277
levels gained: 424

First of all a quick view off my skills and my achievements tab:


As you can see, all skills are getting trained atm. No level 1's anymore.. The achievements isn't very updated but will be later on.

Another tournament win!

And the reward……


Staff of the dead! It could of been a better reward, but it is an unique item which is going to be used :cool:

And last for best...
I've been struggling to get a Abyssal Whip on my account. It took me approximately +/- 700/750 kills. The droprate is 1/512 to get the Abyssal whip as a drop.
On the picture below you can see the loot tracker from 1 full day of killing Abyssal demons (415 kills) the other 300 kills were made before and couldn't find those back..

I hope you all enjoyed my second post about my ironman series. I'll be back on the grind for that max cape:cool:
If you have any questions, feel free to pm me in-game ---> Iron Mark.

See you all at the next post!