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Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #1

Iron Mark

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Hey everyone!

Short introduction about these (upcoming) forum posts...

I've made an iron man account named "Iron Mark" and i'm working to a max cape, which means 2277 total level. By gaining experiences in-game i'll make some screenshots and post them on here! I've started this as a Hardcore Ironman but unfortunately I died on 13/4/2020 to "Walker" in the wilderness. It was my fault, I decided to risk it all to gain some extra prayer levels at the chaos altar. Ahh well, no reason to stop grinding for that max cape right? ;)

Allright, here are some pictures of my account so far.. (Including Skills Tab, Achievements Tab and my bank)

Skills Tab: Achievements Tab:

Bank Tab(s):

So this is about it for the first series. I hope you all enjoyed this first progress post about my ironman series. If you have any more tips for my ironman in-game or even tips about the forum posts, please let me know!

PS: The images will be fixed to be straight next time.. My bad. :cry:

See you till the next post.:cool:
Iron Mark


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Infernal cape, arma cbow, slay helm, good cash pile, ... account sure looks ready for the grind, best of luck!


Someone had to kickstart the goals and achievements!

Best of luck of the journey Mark!