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How to update your Mobile Version


-_-_-_-_- How to Update your Mobile Version -_-_-_-_-

*Note: Mobile version is currently only for Android Devices. (You can get it on IPhones if you Jailbreak your phone)

1. Go to your Devices File Manager.

2. Click "Internal Storage."

3. Click the "Search" icon and type in "Novea."


4. Delete any files tagged with "Novea" including your APK.

5. Download the newest Mobile Version here.

6. Once downloaded, wait for all game files to by synced before logging on.


You should be able to see things like your spec bar now.


If you are having in problems, please post it here. Or alternatively, if you are on Discord go to #General and type !ticket and a Staff Member will be with you shortly.

Thank you and Stay Safe,