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Clan Vs Clan Event

gim lucky

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Welcome back to another one of Novea's event



Last Clan standing will win

We will set up clans so not one clan will be stacked

Each clan will be given the same gear which has not been decided yet.

Some players may be swapped around due to uneven teams.

This will be taking place on the 22nd @ 2:30 pm PST

If you break rules or get DQ u will get 150 rocks or subjected to longer punishments.


Once you die you will have to leave the area

To sign up post on this thread and we will assign teams
or message us in-game to sign up!

The prize will be a 1-28 goodiebag for the winning team and a event wide drop party!

Special Thanks:

Nighthawk-Event Admin
Chris T-Server Owner
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This was really fun before when it was staff vs players. Staff team was too stacked though. Hopefully I can get involved.