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1st Maxed (HC) Ironman - 4/9/2020


Well, after the long days and longer nights, I have finally accomplished the goal of becoming the First Maxed Hardcore Ironman and first ironman overall to wear THE CAPE.
I want to shoutout Chris and the entire staff for the sever and all of the work that they put in. Also a shoutout to the homies (IYKYK) that I met along the way, who kept me company through the hours of the night <3

Looking forward to more progression, see ya in game :)

Nothing but love,
(EZPZ) Jintol
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Congratz again bro, alot sooner than I expected first HCIM to finish max cape. Especially considering u completely avoided wildy!



It was a fun run man! I Had a ton of fun competing. If only i had started on the first day like everyone else! haha. Also I DIEDD!! to my girlfriend making me do some afk sh*t while slaying steel dragons nearing 2100 total; "Ha Classic" as allen would say, lol! So hat's off m8 and enjoy yourself & the new Cape!
& start those clue scrolls like we talked about!! :cool: I got like 40-50 of em' :ROFLMAO: