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About Us

Looking to join an upcoming team that is more than just your average clan?

Well, you've found it here! The Mob is a friendly community that welcomes all newcomers or legends.

The Mob is not just your basic PvP/PvM/Gambling clan. We are a clan of many talents ranging from all over the web.


Players must follow the rules of Novea found here.

Toxicity/Harassment will not be tolerated.

Be yourself and have fun.


Ranks are straight forward. They are based off in-game clan chat ranks.

rKWAtkO.png General Rank is the highest rank in The Mob.

jE70fVp.png Captain Rank is the second rank in The Mob.

Us1SVEI.png Lieutenant Rank is the third highest rank in The Mob.

ZmQXD5g.png Sergeant Rank is the fourth highest rank in The Mob.

BfwRZs2.png Corporal Rank is the fifth highest rank in The Mob.

9BEIjqB.png Recruit Rank is the lowest rank in The Mob.


We do have an official Discord for all members to join. Our Discord contains more content and more information that is exclusive to the Mob Community.

If you are interested in joining, please click the image below;