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200m Cape Perks

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200m Cape Perks

200m Attack Cape
Best In Slot accuracy cape

200m Strength Cape
Best In Slot strength cape

200m Defence Cape
Best In Slot defensive cape

200m Ranged Cape
Best In Slot ranging cape
Ava's assembler benefits

200m Magic Cape
Best In Slot magic cape

200m Prayer Cape
75% Reduced prayer drain

200m Hitpoints Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Fishing Cape
Noted caught fish

200m Woodcutting Cape
Noted chopped Logs

200m Mining Cape
Noted mined ores

200m Cooking Cape
2x Cooking speeds
Never burn fish

200m Slayer Cape
15% Drop Rate increase during PVM

200m Agility Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Construction Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Smithing Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Thieving Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Firemaking Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Farming Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Herblore Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Hunter Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Runecrafting Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Fletching Cape
Perk Coming Soon!

200m Crafting Cape
Perk Coming Soon!


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