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    Zamorak vs. Saradomin - RuneWars

    Hello Noveans! It’s long overdue – and finally time for the next In-Game Event Welcoming back, Zamorak vs Saradomin! When? Sunday, October 2nd Where? This event is hosted in the FFA Clan Wars Portal A.K.A. Fun Pk Teams will gather outside of the portal at ::LMS How does it work? To...
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    Torva Full Helm - 10b - 12b Torva Platebody - 15b - 20b Torva Platelegs - 15b - 20b Torva Set - 50b - 60b Virtus Mask - 3b - 5b Virtus Robe Top - 7b - 8b Virtus Robe Bottoms - 7b - 8b Virtus Set - 20b - 30b Pernix Cowl - 3b - 4b Pernix Body - 5b - 7.5b Pernix Chaps - 5b -...
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    Dragon Bones - 200k - 300k Superior Dragon Bones - 750k - 1m Super Combat Potions - 50k - 100k Stamina Potions - 50k - 100k Anglerfish - 25k - 45k Ring of Recoil - 10k -15k Dragonstone Bolts (e) - 5k Dragonstone Dragon Bolt (e) - 10k+ Ruby Bolts (e) - 6k Wrath Rune - 5k...
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    G13 ~ TOB GUIDE

    Amazing guide, very well-done my friend :)
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    need help on slayer task

    Monkies will be on Karamja in the upcoming update <3
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    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome friend :)
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    Gambling Guide

    Nicely written <3
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    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome! I currently play Novea's ironman gamemode and it's such a rewarding gamemode. Novea is probably the closest thing to osrs you'll find out there (obviously with our own twist, but nothing too crazy custom or anything). This server caters to the people (like me) who don't have all day...
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    please help client says im standing in a member zone im new please help

    Are you on mobile? You have to choose a members world at the bottom left to log in. Also make sure you're using your forum account to log in-game
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    Loyalty chest

    The loyalty chest resets if you dont claim your next day within 12 hours of having access to the next day. For example, I claim my chest at 5 pm on monday. Tuesday I can claim it again at 5 pm, but if I dont claim it by 5 am on wednesday - it resets. Sorry brother :/
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    Abyssal Sire mock video Enjoy

    Super cool :P
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    Novea suggestions - please read

    I think you definitely have a lot of good suggestions here, some that have been said, some that haven't. In regards to your suggestion on the tournament changes - rarely do I ever see anyone having trouble with getting a tournament to start honestly. They're only every 6 hours so people do...
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    1086 kills later.......

    It's always the vesta legs XD but damn 9 malediction shards and 4 tops before leg drop haha. Gratz brother