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Staff i have a request to try became mod if someone can tell me what i have to do Will be helpfull
Hi Hitto -

Usually staff applications can be completed here however it's indicated that staff applications are currently closed. Continue to support players & the community in-game & via the discord/froums. Being an active member of the community will amplify your chances to be seen.

Hello there the pest again :)))) I was on osrs yesterday and did there holloween event and now i cant log into Novea it throws me back into runescape ?? what do i need to do. I actually like both of them. Im sure you are on both as well
Please leave NotaCatfish alone, he does enough damage to himself. I see him following me at home when Chris isn't looking.
yo , can i pick a goodie bag ?

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Please post on the event page under official events. I’ll be online shortly, running a last minute errand