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Voting on a Mobile Device (All Three Sites)

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Hello Noveans,

I've heard many excuses about not being able to vote on mobile and I'm here to provide you with Myth-busting evidence!

Here's a quick and easy guide on how to vote on any mobile device:
- Step 1: Download Google Chrome or check that your phone's browser is capable of changing to "Desktop mode"-- like shown below.

Request Dtop Site.jpg

- Step 2: Type ;;vote in game chat or visit www.noveaps.com/vote to access the site for voting
- Step 3: Make sure you are logged into the same account you use in the client (The password and username will be the same)
**Do not signup with a new account - your username must match your in game credentials for you to ;;claim in game.
**** At this point your browser screen should look similar to that above.
- Step 3: Click on the first link for Runelocus and after the browser opens the new tab click on the three dots at the bottom of your browser and scroll down until you find the option depicted below.


- Step 4: Vote on the other two sites like normal don't worry about switching modes.
- Step 5: Type ;;Claim or ::Claim in public chat in game and wallah, you're done voting. Set a timer for 12h so that you don't miss your next free opportunity to vote!

Once you're done voting simply log on to your account and type ;;claim or ::claim in the public chat and you'll magically receive, 4 voting tickets, 1 bonus exp scroll, 2 tournament waivers and a voting mystery box!

Check out ;;Thread1990 for a possible loot post for Voting Mystery Boxes.

Feel Free to message me in game or on Discord @ Chamon#4483 if you encounter an issue while using this guide to vote on mobile or if something becomes outdated.

Enjoy your journey in the land of Novea!
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