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Update #8 - Features & Fixes

Hey Noveans!

We're updating the server to patch a number of bugs in the game, as well as add a few quality of life features to make the game more enjoyable.

New features
A handful of new features have just made it into the game! Although they're no major enhancements, these come from suggestions and bug reports from the community.
  • The dwarven rock cake can now be obtained from the wilderness points store;
  • You can now smoke eat edible seaweed;
  • The wilderness point shop now tells you how many points you have when you have not enough;
  • New PK accounts log in with their stats set for them;
  • You can now enter the Cooking guild with a cooking cape, hood, or max cape;
  • You can now enter the Crafting guild with a max cape or a crafting cape;
  • A tool leprechaun has been added at the Zeah farming patch;
  • You can now loot lucky implings for some clue scroll loot;
  • Wyvern shields now protect you from a Wyvern's icy breath;
  • Goldsmith gauntlets give the XP boost in superheat too;
  • The dragon pickaxe special no longer applies the dragon axe boost;
  • The dragon harpoon now has proper stats;

Various fixes, mostly reported by you, have been added to the game to make the game not as literally unplayable as before.
  • The level requirement on Ninja implings has been changed from 75 to 74;
  • The examine text for an uncharged trident has been fixed;
  • The slayer task title now requires 50 points instead of 51;
  • The examine text for lucky implings has been fixed;
  • A typo in the ::rules command URL has been fixed
  • Wyvern shields now have the correct stats for the uncharged and charged versions;
  • The ancient cloak now goes into the cape slot;
  • Annoying stray text at the cave kraken has been removed;
  • The dragonfire ward has the proper bonuses now;
  • The dragon pickaxe special no longer applies the dragon axe boost;

We hope you're enjoying Novea; there's a lot coming - including brand new content (and more fixes)! Stay tuned.

The Novea team.
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Hey thanks for working on the server, how many of those updates are planned per month? Theres still alot of things, which need a small improvement and would really make the server even better then it is already <3