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Update #3: WOW More Changes :-)


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Man I love update day!!!

  • Coin boxes have been added to the store! Test your luck and get anywhere from 2 GP to 100 Million for only 20 Novea Credits!
  • Fixed Dragon 2h item protect value
  • Elite void is now in the WebStore as well as vote store
  • Ghostly robes are now in the vote store
  • Bonus scroll is now active for 1 hour and gives 2x exp boost obtained from ::Vote
  • Zulrah unique item drop rate has been buffed
  • Novea risker NPC added, outside edgeville general store. Sells mithril seeds for gambling for 50k each
  • Bandits are now attackable
  • Twisted bow, Kodai wand, a full ancestral set box, Elder maul, Vesta's longsword, and Statius Warhammer has been added to Super Mystery Boxes
  • Partyhat droprate from Super Mystery Boxes has been nerfed making them more valuable
  • Trader stan at charter ship now has his proper shop, So you can now get soda ash and bucket of sand from him plus more!
  • Removed some items from the pkp shop
  • Changed anglerfish price in PKP shop to 15
  • Changed Super combat potion price in PKP to 25
  • Rigour and Augury can now be used in the PK ::Tournament
  • Coins received from killing players increased
  • Fixed not being able to lay traps in donator zone
  • Decreased bloodvelds in catacombs walk distance
  • Fixed protect price on DFS
  • Added helm of neitiznot to sigmund for ironmen
  • Changed the right click ''Hint'' explanations on Wilderness clue keys

  • Item name/option changes
  • Added an extra bank chest spawn @ edge/duel arena
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thnx for d2h lost my gmaul cause of that anyway, make a store to buy all the spawnables! msb rune and such are spawnable but the store asks coins


Keep on Grinding
Great work Adam and Kevin. I appreciate every second you guys dedicate to making this server better and better each and every day.