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Update #14 - Wilderness PVM drops buffed! NEW PKing killstreaks & More!

Chris T

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Hello Noveans!

Welcome to game update #14

We mainly focused on PKing improvements and some other QOL updates :)
We're currently heavily working on Group ironman and the Bloodlust (Clan) PKing event which both launch on the 1st of October for over $3000 woth of prizes!
Read more about that here:https://noveaps.com/forum/index.php...bloodlust-pking-event-release.1559/#post-9740

Wilderness PVM loots buff

We have been looking into adding wilderness incentives to Novea for the bloodlust event and for more wilderness activity in general.
In order to create this we want to make the wilderness a high risk but high reward place for players to make money in.

The following PVM drops have been added to wilderness NPCs:

- all wilderness slayer task NPCs now drop a respectable amount of PKP tickets

- all Revenants now drop PKP tickets aswell making it one of the best steady money makers in the game.

- all wilderness bosses now drop 150 PKP tickets per kill

The following PVP weapons & armour have been added to various wilderness bosses:

Vesta's Longsword
Statius Platebody

Statius warhammer
Statius platelegs

Crazy archaeologist:
Vesta's longsword
Zuriels staff:

Chaos fanatic:
Vesta platebody
Vesta platelegs

Chaos elemental:
Zuriels robe top
Zuriels robe bottom
Zuriels staff

Morrigan's Leather body
Morrigan's D hide chaps

New PKing killstreaks

- The following PKing skull killstreaks have been added

Bronze = 1 killstreak
Grey = 4 killstreak
Green = 8 kill streak
Blue = 15 kill streak
Red = 20 killstreak

PKP shop additions

- The following items have been added to rustin PKP

Berserker necklace - 1k PKP
obsidian maul - 500 PKP
Dharok armour set - 1.5k PKP

QOL & other updates

- ::revs now teleports you to the level 40 entrance spot again

- Terror dogs are now moved back to their original spot which is west of ::revs

- you can now type ::Claim ingame to claim your voting rewards (be sure to have 7 inventory spots free)

- You now gain 5K appreciation points for the appreciation shop every time you ::Vote on all 3 websites

- you now must be level 100+ combat to loot the DMM loot chest

- bug has been fixed with setting up your dwarf cannon in combat and losing it

- You can now create cannonballs for your cannon through the smithing skill

- abyssal Sire can now be killed off-task

-Fixed a bug with PK gamemode accounts not being able to set "free" presets if they didnt have the levels.

-Fixed a bug with Ava's assembler not functioning correctly.

- Fire Cape has been added to the vote store for 150 vote tickets
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Sweet updates, lots of wild incentives added and great bug fixes. Love the additional pk armor/weapon drops and appreciation point cash out with every vote. Let's keep her going in the right direction \m/
I like this update a lot! :)
Mainly the move of terror dogs & ::revs tp, back to the original locations. ;)

I am SOOOO STOKED about GIM too! This server & it's Dev's really make me wanna keep comin back! :giggle: