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True HCIM Guide (hardcore ironman)



You've just made free some b.d. energy and decided to start a hardcore ironman account!
Ready to waste some precious hours to a PS MMORPG? Well, let's get started right away!

(but i've decided to release it anyway so others can snoop at it)

You should know:
  • HCIM is a ironman mode where you lose your status if you die, you remain an ironman but lost your hardcore status.
  • You can't trade with other players, no you can't droptrade either.
  • You can't access normal stores

Very useful things to know (as a starter)
This server uses commands. you can either do
:: or ;; to use commands
To view all the commands type
a very usefull one to get some starter cash is ;;vote

Using the wizard teleport guy at spawn is THE way to get around town here.
You can click on him and use the menu, if you're teleporting back and forth a lot, you can right-click the wizard and click the " teleport-previous"


I am a new player on this server, I've never played this rsps before and do NOT know everything, let alone the META (Most Effective Tactic Available) of this server.

Currently whilst writing this i am combat lvl ±105 with around a 900 total level. nothing crazy high but due to the lack of anything on this server I decided to write this guide for new players.
If you recognize this guide, I've written others in a similar fashion on another rsps which died.

This guide will just help you on your way, maybe not the most effective way but you will get there :)

I might not finish this guide because i am limited on time and not really in love with this server.

Getting started

You've just spawned with your freshly created account and got some starter items and 5k cash. Fast go ::vote ! and claim your items from the Vote Manager (north-west of the Edgeville bank).
You get way to much IMO, let alone that mbox, LET US GRIND FOR OUR THINGS!!!! YOU RUINING THE SERVER WITH P2P.

Ahem okay, we quickly need to liquidate that cash stack!

Go to
Sigmund the Merchant (north-west of the Edgeville bank) and buy every tool you see, so when you need it you have it in your bank. You can also buy proseylite armour, its cheap and rune-like, even better is great to preserve prayer.

Hoard everything mobs drop, they could be useful for clues. Even a single gem drop could help you out getting that last level to the next training method!

And yes, pick up every bone in the starting phase of your HCIM, and just bury them.

Your first combat levels (melee)


Hey Graaf Welcome to Novea!

Very Nicee hcim guide so far! I think this is very helpful. Being a hardcore I.M myself, I will be coming back and checking on this when it is completed for sure! keep it up.
And add me in game if you'd like( maybe I can share some of my tips as well for your guide!)
Ign: Triggered.


The hardest part of an iron is the beginning grind. Once your account gets going it’s way more enjoyable. Looking forward to future iron guides!