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Hey Noveans!

Today we're bringing something super exciting to Novea that will set a new standard for game launchers in the scene. Treading in the steps of big game studios, Novea now also brings your experience to a higher level by making the game updating process enjoyable already! Coming in native Windows, mac OS and Linux applications with Java-finding functionality, you no longer have to worry about opening a .jar file. Just click play to play.

Click on the image below to download, or click here.


Updating the game
The most important part of the game launcher is obviously updating the game. This process is now faster than ever, but also more secure. This launcher doesn't let anyone ever update our game without it being us. Updates are cryptographically signed by the Novea owners, ensuring that even in the unlikely event of someone having malicious intentions, it will never reach your computer! We really care about your safety and feel this is an important step in the community as well.

Game updates go automatically when the launcher starts, and will in the future even happen if it's open but you're not yet playing. This launcher's sole purpose is to make your process of playing Novea a breeze, and to make the wait for the game enjoyable.

Latest news
All the important recent topics from the community are shown in the launcher, and are automatically refreshed when new topics come out. You'll never miss something important this way, and you can open the topic right from the launcher to see what's new! You no longer need to F5 the forum or website as the launcher will help you stay relevant in game content.

Discord Integration
With so many players using Discord daily, it has become a great platform to showcase your game. Novea can't be missing on your activity tab, so we made our way into it by showing others that you're playing Novea! We're looking at ways to do more with Discord too, such as automatically synchronising accounts and other nifty features.

Activity feed
Although not yet fully released, a near-future update will display game activity right in the launcher! From PvP events to rare drops, this little activity widget adds a little to the experience, and gets your achievement out to the masses too.

Updating itself
The launcher is self-updating as well, and will do so automatically upon starting. This ensures your experience with Novea is the best we can currently offer. Updates don't take long and, depending on your internet speed, should take no more than the average game client update.

Moving forward
We know that this isn't the content update you were hoping for, but that's definitely something we'll be writing about soon. There are a lot of things in the works, and we have a myriad of bug fixes ready to be deployed, as well as various small features. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and actively listen to your bug reports on Discord & the forums to improve Novea.

As always, thank you for playing!

The Novea team.


I love the new look!!! The way you talk about it makes me think its actually alive:p Anyways, awesome update and I look forward to seeing more!

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Useful update thanks for pushing out this new content! I appreciate all your guys hard work pushing out these updates it’s a lot of hard work and people take it for granted.. can’t wait to see the future updates!

Edit: Downloading now Appreciate it!
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