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The Gentlemens Club - TGC -


Clan Chat - LoneWolf

Let's make an official PK/PvM/Skilling association, let's get together soon & make the economy ours.

Self recruit at the moment, while we design the thread.

Join up & lets create our own little thing.

- Roles -
6.Executive -
There will be only 2 Executives. Executives will be elected every week. Executives have the ability to change any rules, kick members, & take any action on the team.
5.Team Leader -
There will be a total of 4 team leaders. Team leaders will be cycled through with the Group Advisors every week based on their contribution & activity. Team leaders are in charge of the recruitment system and making sure all Recruits are in line and ready to become Gentlemen, if they have what it takes.
4.Group Advisor -
This role is evaluated by the Executives & Team Leaders. A Gentlemen that proves their dedication to the team & contributes with the teams necessities.
2.Gentlemen -
You're now a Gentlemen. A gentle warrior.
1.Recruit -
All members MUST start as a recruit. It's their time to prove that they're capable of being a true Gentlemen. They should be pending to tasks & goals assigned by our Group Advisors, Team Leaders, & Executives in which are evaluated & considered prior to becoming a Gentlemen.

Join the clan chat "LoneWolf" and let's start.