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Hello, A few days ago we held a massive event that had over 30+ players attending it was a battle of the saradomin gods and zamorakian gods... Together Nirvana and I gathered 40 people onto a list who would like to join in, the amount of support throughout the 3 days of gathering people was amazing...! If you read my last forums post you saw that I was doing a 3b drop party for the team that wins. But what most of you must have missed or chose to forget about was the fact I said there will be 3 rounds best 2 of 3 types of game mode. there were many reasons in which stopped the event from continuing the major being people assumed it was a single round and left once it was done. To you Sara team who was the winners of the event you were given the victory and had the lead by one point. but as I said everyone left so the event was postponed to be finished. the Sara team tho will be given a cash prize award for participation and winning the event

1. Teams will be drafted the day of the event
2. The event will be held in a fun pk-multi zone
3. 1 warning will be given to trolls, you will then be dqed on a second offense


The goal for this upcoming tournament will be to slay your enemy god which will just be a staff member with a set amount of hp(TBD) you will be given rune armor Sara or zammy depending on which team and a full invy of food. you can use presets to lock in the food so you can tell home once you die to click preset and then come back... now I know most of you will only bring f2p food, but some will more than likely bring in higher-level food and there isn't much to be done about it so just don't be that sweat of a guy please (=

The way to sign up will be the same as last time. you can either pm me on discord @Doctor7up#4519 you can message Nighthawk or Nirvana in-the game or you can leave you IGN on this thread

If you have any comments on the event or problems with how I am dealing with the last one feel free to private message me on discord!
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