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Patch Notes 7/7/2022

Mr Sparc

Forums & Discord Manager

Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes and bug fixes were implemented into the game.

You may now use untradable items on The Collector to fulfill your collection slot for those items.

Ex. Using a Vorkath's Head on the npc will complete your Vorkath's Head drop.
Ironman are able to use jars on The Collector due to not being able to trade, and the rarity of these items.

The Revenant Boss will now only be able to spawn one at a time. No more clumped spawns of 8+ etc.

Extended Super Anti-fire and regular Super Anti-fire potions are now functioning properly

The Dagannoth Supreme pet has been corrected to drop from the Dagannoth Supreme.

Karil the Tainted now correctly drains Agility instead of Magic

Some minor changes/fixes were applied to the Collection Log.

More is to come soon Noveans!

Happy Gaming,
- Novea Development Team