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What is Orion?

Orion, at its core, is a clan designed to be focused on socializing and mentoring new players to Novea! The clan itself has been around since May 2020 but has had moments of closure and failure! As all clans inevitably end, it's time to rebuild Orion! With that being said you can find out more information about what's in store below.

New Clan Chat!

I'm co-operating under a great partnership with old Orion leader, @BlackHeart He will be joining me as an Owner of the new clan and we'll be operating a new clan chat in the old "Orion" channel!

Everyone Is Welcome!

Orion has always, and will always, maintain an Open Door Policy for users and clan members alike. The clan operates as a hub of sorts to come together and socialize. There are no requirements to join the clan per say, but you can still chat in the cc as it's open for everyone! The disadvantages of course will be that you can't participate in clan activities unless you're a clan member!

Discord Server

Orion will operate most of its events and activities out of the discord server so having a Discord Tag is recommended but not required to join! You'll just be missing out on a lot of different types of socializing and activities!

Ranking System

There are benefits to each rank in the clan! They are as follows:

Member - Recruit
Sr. Member - Corporal
Knight - Sergeant
Officer - Lieutenant
Mentor - Captain
Clan Staff - General

* Regular clan members don't have any benefits aside from being able to participate in clan activities!

* Sr. Members have the added bonus of being able to invite players to the Discord Server!

* Knights have access to our Giveaways role in the Discord Server and can host giveaways for the members!

* Officers have all the added bonuses above plus being able to add emojis to the Discord Server!

* Mentors get the captain role so they stand apart from the rest of the ranks! This role will correspond with the four member ranks above.

The only one requirement for joining Orion is that you must be active, courteous, kind and follow all clan and Novea rules! Failure to do so can and will result in having your membership revoked.

1. Do not flame or disrespect any member in the clan chat or discord server! This remains as a drama-free area to hangout and chill with your friends

2. Do not beg or ask for items or gold in the clan chat or discord server

3. Do not ask or beg about being a clan staff, you'll be immediately denied for the role

4. Follow all Novea rules and guidelines

* Username:
* Discord Tag:
* How long have you played Novea?:
* How active are you?:
* Tell us one thing about yourself:
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Mr Lazy

Group ironman
* Username: Mr Lazy
* Discord Tag:
Short James #9287
* How long have you played Novea?: a few weeks
* How active are you?: Alot
* Tell us one thing about yourself:
I'm actually ironman but I'm bored of PVM alone alot of my group are less active and would like to pvm with others.
I live in England and love football
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