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Novea Updates [8/04/2020]

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Chris T

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Hello Noveans,

Today we bring a big update with plenty of long-awaited bug fixes and QOL updates!
We plan on fixing more bugs and adding them to this update thread throughout the week.

We haven't got to removing certain items that shouldn't be in the economy yet, this will be updated tomorrow.

Home area rework

We've decided to completely revamp our home area. Most NPCs have not changed locations so everything should be easy to find.
We've added a construction portal along with shop NPCs north-east of Edgeville, We've also moved the ;;tournament area next to Edgeville bank.​


Voting shop Rework

We've also decided to rework our vote shop to make it more beneficial towards players needing certain supplies and other items.


Appreciation shop

We've added in the appreciation shop where you can get some cool cosmetics. You can check your points in quest tab - my player
You will gain anywhere between 8-15 appreciation points per minute, you need to be logged in to gain appreciation points.


The following are QOL/Bug fixes. We're going to be adding more of these fixes to this thread throughout the week.


  • Protect item is now disabled for ;;redskull command
  • PKP Shop has been removed from pvp zones untill we rework it properly
  • Runecrafting has been fixed, you can now enter the abyss to start training the skill
  • Smithing skill has been fixed properly


  • All player crashes occuring are now fixed
  • A spellbook switch altar has been placed north of edgeville
  • The rejuvination pool has been added north of edgeville
  • Construction altar has been placed north-east of Edgeville

Thanks for reading. Please remember to always report bugs and that you can suggest new updates here.

Novea Development Team
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pog m8

Good work on those updates but why are the zulrah drop rates till not changed and demonic gorillas still dont work? Like shit it's been a week since this has released and you still cant get zenytes? like bruh...


Well done on this update Chris, loving the new looks and features. Now just Keep em' coming boss! :LOL:;). Also great job to the rest of the team included in this project. (y)(y)

Teddy Picker

Nice rework however the cluescroll step south of draynor village still has not been addressed after I have reported it several times on the forums and to admins.
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