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Novea Updates 20/11/2021

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Hello Noveans,

Today we have a game update with new content, revamping of older content & other fixes
Brought to you by sparc blac

Crystal Armour & Weapons

You can kill various Crystalline monsters for a chance to receive an enhanced crystal key.
You may find Crystalline monsters by using the teleport wizard - Minigames - Crystalline.
The enhanced crystal key can be used upon the enhanced crystal chest for a chance on the following loot.

- Blade of Saeldor
- Bow of Faerdhinen
- Crystal Helm
- Crystal Body
- Crystal Legs
- Crystal Halberd
- Crystal Grail



Crystal armour and weapons can be recolored by combining them with a crystal of hefin,
bought for 250m from Lliann in the Donator zone.
She can be found on the 2nd floor near the bank.




The barrows minigame has been revamped!
Instead of doing a full barrows run and getting a random item, the brothers now spawn on top of their respected hill.
They can now be killed separately without having to complete the maze.
The droprate for a single barrows piece has been set to 1/48.


More updates

- The mining island on donator island has been overhauled
- Ale of the gods now has the drunk animation
- Clueless Cluescroll now has the reading animation
- Heavy Casket Animation ID has been added
- The World boss now makes a global announcements when somebody gets a unique drop
- Mole skin & claw drops are now noted from the Giant Mole
- An Undead combat dummy has been added to the donator zone

Vote shop

- Ice gloves have been added to the vote shop
- Ham joint has been added to the vote shop
- Swift blade has been added to the vote shop
- Dragon platebody ornament kit has been added to the vote shop
- Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit has been added to the vote shop

Wilderness Shop

- Added Fremennik kilt to PKP shop 6k
- Added Spiked manacles to PKP shop 5k
- Added Cape of skulls to PKP shop 20k
- Lowered AGS price in PKP shop 25k
- Added 5 different halos to PKP shop 7.5k


New items

- 3rd age druidic armour has been added to 3rd age mystery boxes
- 3rd age druidic armour has been added to Super mystery boxes
- Added dragon kiteshield drop to Rune & Adamant dragons
- Added 3rd age axe & pickaxe to 3rd age mystery boxes
- Added Spiked manacles drop to medium clue scrolls
- Added Fremennik kilt to elite clue scrolls
- Buffed Ranger boots droprate from medium clue scrolls
- Frog slippers, Bear feet & Demon feet have been added to easy clue scrolls
- Rain bow has been added to easy clue scrolls
- Shoulder parrot has been added to easy clue scrolls
- Staff of bob the cat has been added to easy clue scrolls
- Stale baguette has been added to easy clue scrolls
- Monk's robe top & bottom (t) have been added to easy clue scrolls
- Amulet of power & defence (t) have been added to easy clue scrolls
- Rangers' tights have been added to elite clue scrolls
- Mole slipper have been added to Giant Mole droptable 1/50
- Added Champions cape to tournament shop for 500 bloodmoney

In other news...

- The event timers have been fixed for more accuracy
- The ;;cws location for world boss is now multi
- Fixed a safespot for world boss
- A hide tanner has been added to the donator zone
- Tormented ornament kit is now fixed
- You may now combine drake’s tooth + holy sandals for devout boots
- You may now combine nightmare orbs with nightmare staves
- You may now combine the dragon plate body ornament kit
- Golden Tench price has been lowered
- Vorkath is now a blue dragon slayer task
- Abyssal sire is now an abyssal demon slayer task
- Fixed clipping on obsidian armor and decorative armor
- Fixed clipping on neitznot facegaurd and a few other items
- Dust devils no longer drop pesky kebabs
- Fixed a few more stat requirements for items
- Reanimating ensouled heads has been fixed
- Pures may now wear god d'hide chaps
- Amethyst ammo now has proper range strength
- Elvarg drop table in bestiary has been fixed

It seems that there has been a fire in the building north-west of Edgeville...
Some of the residents have been forced to relocate due to this disaster.
Nobody has been reported to have been harmed in the process....

Thanks for reading. Please remember to always report bugs and that you can suggest new updates here.

- Novea Development Team
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