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Novea 1-28 Vote goodiebag - September

Chris T

Staff member
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Hey Noveans

For this start of the month's events we'll be hosting the 1-28 vote goodiebag again!

We'll be hosting the 1-28 Vote goodiebag event for the next couple of weeks.
Chris will be the one giving out picks between a number of 1-28 which will correspond to an item in the following inventory.
This goodiebag will be different. Every item slot from 1-28 will be filled with an item so every vote wins you a prize!
Every blank spot = additional 10M GP prize
The most notable prize this month is The Twisted bow!


How to enter:

1) Post a picture here on this forum post every time you vote (must be of you inventory and show your user name in the bottom left corner)

2) Once you post your picture you can message me on Discord this does not mean send us the pictures via Discord. (I will get online asap according to my schedule and try to handle groups all at once).

3) Make sure the date is included on the screenshot!

How the game works:

Every 12 hours you can vote, if you post your picture here of your voting page (as mentioned above)
you will be granted 1 chance of a pick between 1-28 at a inventory slot to guess of mine.

These slots will have prizes randomly placed and if you guess the correct one you get that prize.
I will be changing these slots every time someone guesses, so don't expect the same slot to be filled or empty.

Goodluck all and may the RNG be with you!



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