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Hey all!
I‘am new to this server. Like many others I searched for a server where I can invest some time but not to much to get rewarded.
I stop playing RuneScape back in the days 2011 or 2012.. cause rs3 was released.
We all grow older and now my time has ended to grind hours for hours to get 1 skill close to 99 in original RuneScape.
I had to try OSRS cause of nostalgic… but after few hours at the weekend i was tired of being atk 20 and nothing more done.
aswell the new membership price each month.
I played for like 2$ a month back in the days…

so I started a new adventure on this!
a lot of players are online which is really fantastic! You always find someone who can help or spend some time with you.

my progress is fine aswell ! Combats 99 and thieving 99! Great. Just great.
I’m planning to get more skills up and have a good time! And for sure giving a donate for this awesome server.
I hope this server will grow much more and stay!



Mr Sparc

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Welcome to Novea!! Nice to see you're already progressing well. Hope you enjoy your stay :p


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Welcome to Novea Maxwel. I totally agree with you when it comes to those long grinds on Runescape. I'm older myself, full time job, girlfriend and I just don't have the time to do that anymore either. Novea is a great place to be, great place to hangout and it's a lot of fun.

Enjoy the server, only more good things to come with Sparc's amazing updates and developer skills. We have an amazing staff team who is very friendly, if you ever see me or anyone in the discord, feel free to join and talk man.

~ D3xterr