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Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #1

Iron Mark

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Hey everyone!

Short introduction about these (upcoming) forum posts...

I've made an iron man account named "Iron Mark" and i'm working to a max cape, which means 2277 total level. By gaining experiences in-game i'll make some screenshots and post them on here! I've started this as a Hardcore Ironman but unfortunately I died on 13/4/2020 to "Walker" in the wilderness. It was my fault, I decided to risk it all to gain some extra prayer levels at the chaos altar. Ahh well, no reason to stop grinding for that max cape right? ;)

Allright, here are some pictures of my account so far.. (Including Skills Tab, Achievements Tab and my bank)

Skills Tab: Achievements Tab:


Bank Tab(s):




So this is about it for the first series. I hope you all enjoyed this first progress post about my ironman series. If you have any more tips for my ironman in-game or even tips about the forum posts, please let me know!

PS: The images will be fixed to be straight next time.. My bad. :cry:

See you till the next post.:cool:
Iron Mark


Someone had to kickstart the goals and achievements!

Best of luck of the journey Mark!


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