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The fear


In game name : Noveascape
Forum Name : The Fear
Date Joined :4th May 2020

Hello Noveascapers .
Let me introduce my self to you all .
So I'm a big fan of Runescape and I have a huge knowledge in grinding Pking and just enjoying the game .

I have had few servers of my own few years back but I will not disclose with anyone maybe just with the owner if he wishes for some advice .
I have a good knowledge in fixing bug reports and uploading creating spec items.

So I hope to see you all in the game now I'm just level 3 with 56 thieving but when I'll reach to lvl 126 with 99 max we can all enjoy .
I always like to work and do some Drop Parties for players to enjoy so guys add me up in game and hope to see you there .

And chris or any other staff member if you need any help or just small advice let me know I'm always happy to give best of my knowledge .
Hope to see you all soon and have FUN .


General Manager
Welcome to Novea!

p.s. if you want to vote for rewards you will need to login to the "Noveascape" account on the forums, account details are synced.


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Beta Tester
Hi The Fear,

Happy to have you join Novea! I look forward to seeing you in-game