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Donation problem


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Hello, ive made an donation w paypal for 10usd the it now says i have 125 credits, yet wise old man doesnt give me these points.
Also my mobile browser wich is the only option i have doesnt fully respond, so i cant even go to mobile version of the site.
My question is can a admin/mod log into my account to verify these credits and hand them over to my ingame account?


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Hey man, try to buy the credits in store if you want them in game.
You can claim your bought items at the Credit Manager in game.

If you have some more questions feel free to ask in game

Also big thanks for donating to the server!


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Heya! So, first off, thank you for donating to novea. Sorry you’re having issues.
What are you planning on doing with the credits? If you plan on using them to buy items in the store you can simply use them to buy then claim your purchase from the store manager in the building north west of the bank.
However if you were planning on selling them to players you will first need to convert them into Live Game Credits by adding the amount you would like (not exceeding what you have in your wallet) to your cart and then confirming purchase. I posted a picture below of what the item looks like in the shop. I hope this helps. Also if you sell your credits you do not receive donator rank. That is based off how many credits you spend in the online store not how much you actually donate.
I will keep an eye on this thread, and I hope my message helps!