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What are your thoughts on Coronavirus?
People saying it's coming from eating a bat others are saying it's man made.

I'm not sure really but the whole situation is scary in my eyes.
With death rates going up everyday in England, UK it's having my worries about my parents who have health issues.


Ive even heard that it was intended as a chemical weapon in the first place but im not strong believer of that. Happily, it hasnt touched my family yet, even though we are spread all around the Europe. I personally live in Ireland and the situation here is pretty intense as everything has been closed, cancelled and stuff. Except essentials, such as food shops, pharmacies and petrol stations, and, you guessed it, lucky me, my work place :D Even though we work shorter hours and are getting 10% extras. I hope it wont last long. Hope your parents are well.


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There's too much conspiracy nonsense going on to even be able to make a proper guestimation on what the heck is really going on. Most of the media has blown this so far out of proportion that it's insane, the amount of fear mongering is absurd.

Granted there are people passing, the numbers compared to other things we deal with on the regular.

I'm grateful no one in my family has been affected but at the same I personally haven't changed much about my lifestyle.


Statistically, all rates are low. If people don't take precaution, things can get bad.
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Pretty sad situation for the weak immune system people and elderly, lots of teens still going out partying and what not, completely disregarding the fact that they could have it, easily spreading it around and not showing symptoms, it's just best if everyone stays home quarantined so we possibly could still have a chance at going out in the summer.


It's a shit situation and people are selfish. I like what it's doing for the planet since people are staying inside, but this should of been dealt with weeks ago instead of it taking this long to lock down the UK.
Im in the US so we got affected pretty hard lost my job cant get unemployment financially getting shat on and just about everything is closed down and on a "stay at home order" luckily we arent on a total lockdown like some stats like california but it still blows asssssssss


Im in kansas, hasnt hit bad here yet. I am considered an essential employee being a mechanic so im stuck at work driving peoples cars. hoping i dont get it and bring it home to my family.


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Change in 5 Days.



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I think too much to type that out.
Also you guys would think I’m fucking insane.


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Give this you tube video a watch guys.
its a guy called David icke being interviewed by London real.
there is alot more to it than meets the eye, this wasn't no bat soup lol!!

I am personally scared for my extended family and me. Be safe, guys. I personally was born in Dallas and lived there. I have also lived in Houston and Tyler. Please stay home!