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Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE


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Raids Guide

What is raids?

Raids is a solo/ group piece of content that pits you up against some of the games toughest bossing challenges for high rewards.

There is NO loss of items on death. It is a safe minigame!!

Why raid?

Raids, aka Chambers of Xeric, aka CoX, is a challenging, fun and rewarding piece of content with some unique rewards.

It is not only fun to do solo, but you can team up with other players to tackle it, leading to better potential rewards and exciting team fighting mechanics.


The full reward system has NOT been fully released yet, however, a points system is in place which correlates to rewards, i.e. the more points at the end of the raid, the more chance you have of obtaining a unique reward.

Killing monsters, damaging room bosses and defeating puzzles all leads to points.

Generally, around 8000 points will equate to about a 1% chance of hitting the unique drop table.

You could expect a typical solo run to end with around 30,000 to 40,000 points assuming you do not die, giving you a 3-4% chance of hitting the unique drop table.
Group raids can be considerably more.

Dyeing will lead to a loss of around HALF of your points, therefore it is recommended to try not to die at all costs (but don't sabotage team mates to survive).

The unique reward table can be found below:


Minimum Stats:
- 90+ Attack
- 90+ Strength
- 90+ Defence
- 90+ Ranged
- 90+ Mage
- 70+ Prayer

*Note, for faster raids and for solo's, you will want to MAX all of these stats to be as efficient as possible.


Welfare gear:

*Note, this is and should be the minimum gear that you bring to raids. You can solo it with this gear, however, the raid times will be considerably longer.

The key items in this set up to ensure that you can successfully complete a raid are:

- Ruby bolts (e). Spec can hit 100s on some of the monsters within the dungeon.
- Pickaxe. Used to Kill guardians, one of the monsters within the dungeon.
- Salve. This is semi optional, but required in welfare gear as it gives you a 15% damage bonus against skeletal mystics, one of the monsters within the dungeon.
- Anti poison. Olm and Shamans can poison you, therefore I would warrant that this is a requirement.
- Ranging potion. Required for clearing monsters before olm for extra DPS.
- Super combat potion. Required for clearing monsters before olm for extra DPS.
- Restores and Brews. These are needed to survive/ heal through the different rooms before you get to the boss (Olm).

Top tier gear:

*Note, there are a couple of better items that you can upgrade here, i.e. Vork head avas, arcane spirit shield and amulet of torture. At the time of writing this guide, I do not have these items, so replace if possible.

*Note, If you want efficient raids, i.e. around the 20 minute mark, you can bring all of this gear and replace like for like. i.e. Bandos for Vestas, Armadyl for Morri, DWH for SWH, Vesta L sword for Dragon hunter lance, barrows gloves as only glove slot, Brimstone/ climbing boots for boot slot and so on. Each upgrade you make will just increase the DPS that you do and thus speed up your completion times for more runs an hour.

The key items in this set up to ensure that you can successfully complete a raid are:

- Blowpipe. The majority of the raid is ranged based, and the blowpipe is practically BIS for a lot of the bosses. Therefore this is the most important item. the Blowpipe can carry a raid for you single headedly. I suggest using dragon darts as these can be purchased from Sigismund at ::home for 4500gp each. Around 100 is required to complete a raid with an accumulator.
- Trident of the swamp. This is used for Olm's mage hand, and will be your only method to damage it. It is best DPS at Olm, therefore is required. Make sure you have at least 250 charges!!
- Warhammer. The Warhammer spec will be utilised on a number of bosses as detailed below, however, more importantly Olm's Melee hand. The spec will reduce the Melee hand's defence making it easier to hit, thus giving you more DPS. For faster raids this item is quite important.
- Pickaxe. Used to Kill guardians, one of the monsters within the dungeon.
- Sanfew serum. Acts as an antipoison and a prayer/ stat restore.
- Ranging potion. Required for clearing monsters before olm for extra DPS.
- Restores and Brews. These are needed to survive/ heal through the different rooms before you get to the boss (Olm).
- Anglerfish. This is used before your first monster, to give yourself an extra inventory space and a bit of heal.

Overall, the key point to take away from the gear is that if you're not "Scouting", you need to be prepared for every possible monster/ room. The inventory setup above gives you the required tools to deal with each room efficiently and effectively.

Generally, DPS is > Armour, as faster raids, means less eating, more points and more per hour.


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Starting a raid/ Scouting:

Before you start a raid, (if on PC) you should go into your rune-lite plugin settings and enable a few specific settings to make your lives easier during the raid.

- Cox Scouter
- AoE Warnings - Open and enable for the following monsters: Lizardman Shamans, Vasa, Olm, Olm bombs and Olm Lightning trails.
- CoX Helper - Open and enable for the following: Muttadile marker, Tekton marker, Highlight vanguards, Olm Prayer.

All of the above plugins are not 100% required, but once again will make your lives easier when learning, this is where they can be found:

Finding a raid:

There are two ways to start a raid,

- The first is to use ::raids or the teleport wizard at home under "minigames" "Raids" and then go to the recruitment board and press "make party".

- The second, is to run to the entrance, click on it, and then click "make party".

You can now enter into the Chambers Of Xeric.

When inside, your plugin will detail out in the game chat which monsters/ rooms you have got in your dungeon. For efficient dungeons, you will want a specific set of bosses, however when learning, it is best to just to rooms that you feel comfortable with. You can leave the dungeon, and create a new party as many times as you like to find the desired dungeon as not every raid as all of the rooms/ monsters in it.

Generally, your goal is to find a dungeon with a monster that can drop an OVERLOAD POTION. Muttadiles are the only monsters in the Novea dungeon with a guaranteed overload drop.

*Note, the overload potion will deal 50 hit points worth of damage, along with boosting your stats above and beyond that of a super potion. Overload boosts lasts for 5 minutes at a time, and then the boost slowly degenerates from 120 being the max on each stat down to 99. You can drink a saradomin brew without restoring as the overload potion will restore your stats periodically.

When you have found your desired raid, you can now start the raid, this can be done from the quest tab, good luck!


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In this section, I will detail out each room, how to deal with it and what you need to remember in order to successfully defeat it.


For Tekton, equip your best melee gear, drink a super combat if you have one then run into the room.

Tekton will walk over to you as you draw aggro and start to attack you.

- Protect melee.
- Use Warhammer specs if you have them, then continue to melee him with you main DPS melee weapon.
- At any point, he may walk to his anvil. If this happens, there will be about 15 seconds of lava dropping from the sky. When this happens, move two squares every couple of tics and you wont take any damage.

- He is relatively easy, when the meteors have stopped, continue to melee him until he dies. He can drop a number of potions on the ground, I would suggest drinking any of the potions on the floor and healing back to full. If he drops an overload, do not drink it.


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For Vasa, equip your best range gear, drink a sip of ranging potion and walk in.

- Pray range and eagle eye.
- Start attacking him, ensuring you move every couple of tics/ each attack with blowpipe to avoid his thrown rocks. (If you are not praying range, these can hit over 25 points of damage).
- At any point, Vasa can teleport you to the centre of the room where you become stunned. DO NOT PANIC. You will then be hit for around 95% of your HP and can move again. It is extremely important that you instantly move as one more rock thrown could kill you.
- Don't waste brews, stay at low HP, hit, move, hit move etc. As long as you do not get hit by the rocks, you cannot die.

- Every so often, Vasa will walk to a crystal and start to heal.
- In order to stop this healing, equip your best melee gear and use a stab attack on the crystal. The faster the crystal dies the less Vasa heals.
- As soon as the crystal dulls in colour, re-equip your range gear and start attacking it again, following the same pattern, attack, move, attack move etc.

Eventually, with enough DPS, it will be dead. Congratz!

Use all potions on the floor as required, DONT DRINK THE OVERLOAD YET (If one drops).


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One of the easier bosses, any pickaxe will do, dragon obviously the best.

- Equip full melee gear.
- Protect from melee.
- Periodically, boulders will fall from the sky, just walk one space away on the same tic to avoid the fall damage.

*Note, guardians can hit through prayer with melee, however it is not much.
The boulder smash can hit in excess of 40, so PAY ATTENTION!

Ignore the seeds and go to the next room when done. Well done!


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Skeletal Mystics

This is a very simple boss, if you brought a salve, equip it now.

- Equip your range gear.
- Equip you salve amulet (if you have one).
- Brew to above 99.
- Restore prayer to 60+.
- Range pot.
- Pray mage and eagle eye.
- Range attack the skeles.

*Note, It is extremely important that you only aggro one at a time.
*Note, Make sure you are not within melee range otherwise they can hit 25+.



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Tightrope is a very simple room, however if you do it incorrectly you can easily waste supplies.

There are two magers and two rangers. The goal is to kill all four monsters, walk across the tightrope, pick up the key and walk back and open the barrier.

The important things to consider are that the monsters hit hard and through prayer, therefore it is important to only hit one monster at a time, especially if in a group.

- Brew above 99.
- Restore and ranger pot.
- Protect mage, eagle eye. DPS magers.
- Protect range, eagle eye. DPS rangers.
- When all monsters are dead, walk across tightrope, pick up key, walk back, open portal to next room.

*Note, that you can walk over tightrope earlier, however, un aggrod mobs will attack you.



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Corrupted Scavenger

This room is incredibly simple. Walk in, drop potions if needed for around 4-8 invent spots.

- Thieve chests until full inventory.
- Deposit worms in "trough".
- When the scavenger gets full, he will go to sleep and move out of the way.
- Proceed to next room.

*Note, the higher your thieving level, the better chance of successfully thieving a worm from the chest.



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can deal some of the largest damage out of any of the rooms. If you get within melee range, they can chomp you a whopping 40+ for the baby and 70+ for the mommy.

Muttadiles need to be initially aggrod and brought back to the spot shown below:

The procedure for Muttadiles is as follows:

- Brew to above 115 hp.
- Restore stats
- Range pot
- Range gear, blowpipe for baby, Twisted bow/ blowpipe for mommy.
- Protect range and eagle eye.
- Run over to spawn, aggro, run back to safe spot.
- Stay out of melee range dps.
- Baby will heal at tree, continue to DPS.
- Run back to safe spot and pull aggro.
- When baby dead, re heal to full, restore, range pot etc.
- Run over to mommy, switch to Tbow if you have one, repeat step above.

The mommy is easier to kill than the baby, however, the baby hits a lot harder.
Both the mommy and the baby will drop an overload, you only need 1 of these for the final fight.



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Vanguards are relatively simple, however you can take a lot of damage from them, therefore I would advise that you avoid these if doing solos.

There are 3 vanguards, a melee, a ranger and a mager.

Simply switch to the opposite gear in the combat triangle and pray against there attack types.

Ensure HP is full before starting the fight as the ranger and melee hit hard.



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Located at the end of floor 1 and 2, there are healing wells.

When used, these wells restore run energy, prayer points, stats and health points. If you know one is coming up, try to save potions, as these can be used instead to save supplies.

*Note, If you have an overload, you can use a well to heal after suffering the effects, i.e. pop overload, then heal back to full with well.


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@@@ The Great Olm @@@

First things first, don't be intimidated by Olm. Olm does a lot less damage than in the OSRS, therefore you can avoid a lot of the damage if you play correctly.

The first thing to do is to mark the tiles as shown in the screenshot. These will be your "Safe spots".


The Basics:

There are three attackable "monsters" in The Great Olm's lair.

- Olms right hand. (Mage)
- Olms Left hand. (Melee)
- Olms head. (Range)

They are to be referred to as the Mage hand, the Melee hand and the head.

Each body part requires a different attack style to damage it.

Olm's right hand: (Mage)

You must attack this hand with magic.

Olm's left hand: (Melee)

You must attack this hand with melee.

Olm's head: (Range)

You must attack the head with range.

*Note, If you try to attack the wrong body part with the wrong attack style, 1) you're wasting your time, 2) you're wasting your supplies, 3) you're wasting your time. Don't do it.

The above are the basics around which attack style to utilise. Please memorise what style is needed for which body part, as this is an essential component to killing Olm.


Olm's right hand:

There is nothing special about the right hand, literally just mage it.

Olm's left hand:

Olm's left hand
when taking damage can cripple. There will be a notification in the chat. When this happens, do not attack it. It is invulnerable for a period of time. Instead, mage the mage hand (right hand).

The left hand, when in the final phase may start glowing with a weird green circle. When this happens, it is healing. Do not attack as any damage heals the hand.

Olm's head:

Olm's head
cannot be attacked until the final part of the final phase. This will become evident, as you will have killed the melee hand and the mage hand three times over.

You will know when you are on the final phase as Olm's head will shimmer/ glow green.

When you have killed both hands three times, and have just got the head remaining, you are onto the final phase. This is where you switch to range DPS gear and go to town on the giant lizard!

Advanced Olm head mechanics:

Olm's head rotates left, to centre to right when it notices that you are in the room. If it is looking towards you, it can attack you. Therefore, if positioned correctly, you can avoid some of the damage. This will be discussed later on in this guide as an advanced mechanic.

How to approach the fight:

Below I will run down the exact steps you should go about in order to kill Olm. If you do not follow the below steps exactly, you will take unnecessary damage, therefore it is very important that careful attention is paid to where I am standing on which tile to avoid damage.


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Phase 1

1) *Stand at the healing well next to the crevice on the floor above Olm's lair.
2) Pop overload and prayer enhancer, you should be damaged 50 hp.
3) Use the well, and immediately run downstairs. The overload and p enhancer lasts exactly 5 minutes each.
4) Switch to melee gear with a Warhammer if you have one. If not skip to point 7.
5) Enter Olm's lair and stand on the exact tile that I am standing on.

6) When on this exact square, use ONE/TWO special attacks on the melee hand (left hand), piety. I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS NOT TO MOVE FROM THIS SQUARE.
7) When you have hit at least once with Warhammer spec, melee the hand until it cripples. (Full melee gear) Piety.
8) Put on mage gear, mage DPS prayer and mage the mage hand (right hand). Be extremely careful not to hit the head, as if you do, you will pull aggro and you will start to take damage.
9) When the mage hand is dead, switch back to melee gear, and kill the melee hand with melee, piety.

10) When the melee hand is dead, you have completed the first phase well done!


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Phase 2

11) As soon as the mage and melee hand have been killed, Olm will hide its head and boulders will drop from the ceiling.

*Note, It is imperative that you do not run any more north than the tile that you are currently on, otherwise you will take aggro and start taking damage.

12) Avoid boulders falling from ceiling, as long as you don't run any more north. Make your way over to this exact square.

13) Olm will now spawn on the other side of the room. DO NOT MOVE.
14) Switch to mage gear and kill the mage hand (right hand) with mage.

15) When the mage hand is dead, you will no longer have a "safe spot" and therefore need to prepare to take damage.

*Note, at this point, Olm will now "see you" and can auto attack you, and apply special attacks. Generally, these are unavoidable, however I will detail below the best way to deal with them.

16) Run over to the melee hand, equip melee gear and attack the melee hand until dead. YOU WILL NEED TO PRAY AGAINST AUTO ATTACKS NOW AND AVOID SPECIAL ATTACKS!! - SEE BELOW

17) When the melee hand is dead, you have completed phase 2 and are on to the final phase well done.
18) Do not panic, equip melee gear, and a warhammer. Walk back over to the other side, boulders will fall.


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19) As soon as the third phase spawns, Olm's head should be glowing green. Stand on the melee hand, and dump all of your special attacks with the warhammer into the hand to lower its defence.
20) Melee the hand until it cripples, making sure not to attack when it is healing.
21) Start maging the mage hand untill it is on around 40-50 hp, being extremely careful not to kill it. If you kill the hand, it will regen at double HP this time, so take note of your max hit and don't push your luck.
22) Melee the melee hand until it is on around 50hp.
23) Switch to Mage gear and finish off the mage hand.
24) Switch to melee gear and finish off the melee hand. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 10 SECONDS OF EACH OTHER, OTHERWISE IT RESETS @ DOUBLE HP.
25) If you have successfully killed both hands simultaneously, you can now kill the head. Both hands will be removed and the head will glow in front of you, this is it!

26) Well done on making it this far, as soon as both hands are killed, immediately switch to your RANGE gear and start to DPS the head.
27) Boulders will fall from the ceiling, avoid these at all costs. Focus on your life over damage.
28) Olm will use special attacks, avoid at all costs, focus on your life over damage. (see below for special attacks).

29) After enough DPS, you will eventually kill olm, well done! you can now claim your loot from the chest!



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Olm's attacks:

Now you know the basics on how a fight works, I will detail out the different types of attacks that Olm can make.

Auto attacks:

Olm has two different types of auto attacks, these are range and mage. They can be easily identifiable by observing a large ball (mage) or a smaller green projectile (range).

Your prayer will not fully protect against these attacks but will reduce the damage if praying correctly.


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Olm has a number of different special attacks, most of which can generally be avoided.

- Portals
- Large prayer orbs
- Burn with me
- Fire wall
- Lightning
- Targeted bombs
- Ground bombs
- Crystals
- Poison trail/ acid trail


When portals spawn, you will get a notification in chat box and a glow will surround you. If you are solo, find the other glowing energy in the room to match and run over and stand on it until the glow disappears.
If you are in a group, find the player and stand on them to remove it. this requires co-ordination, and usually you all meet at the melee hand.
For each square away you are from the target/ location and yourself, you take 5 damage. If you are on top you take no damage.

Large prayer orbs:

Occasionally, Olm can throw out a large, powerful prayer orb. This can be either, Mage, Melee or range. You will get a notification in the chat box when such event occurs, and can gauge it by the colour.
Red - protect melee
Purple - protect mage
Green - protect range
If you do not pray correctly, you will lose prayer points and it can deal up to 50 HP.

Burn with me:

Olm can occasionally cast "Burn with me" on you. You, if chosen, will periodically take 5 damage. Just keep moving and do not get within 1 square of anyone else otherwise they will catch the spell and take burning damage also.

Fire wall:

This is quite hard to avoid unless you are switched on. Olm will throw his head back and lay down two walls of fire. If you are caught within these walls, you will take considerable damage.
Therefore, be careful to watch when Olm's head gets thrown back and run out of the fire before it lands.
Note, you can cast a water spell on the fire to remove it to run free, but the rarity of the attack on this server is such that it doesent warrant wasting a brew slot for a rune pouch.


Strips of lighting will move across the room and stun anyone standing in them. Avoid these.

Targeted bombs:

You will receive a notification in the chat that Olm has "targeted you". Move 2-3 squares every 3 tics to avoid all damage untill effect has worn off.

Ground bombs:

Giant bombs will have a timer of 5 seconds on the floor and explode within an AOE. Run out of this area untill bomb has exploded.


Crystals spawn under your feet and rupture after a 3 tic delay. Move as soon as you see them spawn, 1 tile is sufficient.

Poison trail/ acid trail:

You will receive a chat notification telling you that you are dripping in acid. Turn on walk and walk around the room untill the effect ends, then drink an antipoison sip/ sanfew to dispel the poison.