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Hey guys! For this week's event we will be doing a bid style event, this idea was brought up by 248 when he actually trolled me when he hosted his own bid wars. I decided to host it officially since he did it with only about 5 of us. Overall I enjoyed the event as I hardly ever join events that are not hosted by me. The event will be hosted Next Thursday 1/14/21 at around 1-1:30 pm Pacific Standard Time!

- Join my cc at the start of the event
- Try not to spam chat event will go faster
- Play fair and don't cheat, yes I keep track (;
- Dupe accounts will result in both accounts being removed! we can check

-Start with a set amount of fake money $3000 example
-Bid on items with fake money highest bid wins
-Rewards will be given at the end!
-Bids will be tracked via Clan Chat

More rules will be explained on the day of the event

- Yet to determine the player count will decide the items involved.
-X1 pet boxes
-X1 Inq set

Some of the big-ticket items (;
can't show to much now
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