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2FA 'Two Factor Authentication' Guide



What is 2FA?
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a second layer of security to protect an account or system.
Users must go through two layers of security before being granted access.
Why is it Important?
Two-factor authentication has long been used to control access to sensitive systems and data.
Online service providers are increasingly using 2FA to protect their users' credentials from being used by hackers who have stolen a password database.

Step 1
Navigate towards Password and Security in your account settings.

Step 2
Click Change, You will need to use your password to access this section.

Step 3
Choose what verification method to be enabled.

Email verify option is currently unavailable.

Step 4
Download the authentication app onto your phone. Use the application to scan the QR code or manually enter the code below (red) into the application. After your account is linked, the authenticator will generate random codes every 30 seconds. Copy and confirm the verification code.

Step 5
2FA is now enabled. Backup codes are created and saved upon completion.

Your account is now secure!
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Great Guide Ju! (And I don't mean that in a derogatory way ;) )
This does require an extra step but for those that are unfamiliar with this, it basically locks down your account with extra security, I've never heard of someone getting hacked with 2FA