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  1. Cape

    Favorite/Worst Skill

    What is your favorite and worst skill on Novea? Favorite: Slayer Worst: Herblore
  2. Cape

    What are you doing right now on Novea?

    What are you doing right now on Novea? I'm doing absolutely nothing waiting on the release but I will be working towards maxed account.
  3. Cape


    What are your thoughts on Coronavirus? People saying it's coming from eating a bat others are saying it's man made. I'm not sure really but the whole situation is scary in my eyes. With death rates going up everyday in England, UK it's having my worries about my parents who have health issues.
  4. Cape

    Cape - Road To Max!

    Real Name: A
  5. Cape


    Hello, I'm Cape.. from England, UK and cannot wait for the release tomorrow! :love: