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  1. Cape

    My introduction

    Welcome buddy, enjoy your time here.
  2. Cape

    Group Iron on release

    9M GMT is the release time. SHOE I am not a ironman kinda person I would rather have a normal account. :)
  3. Cape


    Welcome! I'm also from the UK.. Enjoy your stay.
  4. Cape

    Welcome back - Launch Info - 4 PS4 Giveaways!

    Who isn't :D
  5. Cape

    Hello again!

    Welcome Babylon, enjoy your time.. again. :D
  6. Cape


    Welcome Revv, good luck on the rare drops. :)
  7. Cape

    T2 Kucccis

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay. :)
  8. Cape

    Cape - Road To Max!

    Thank you, yeah it's great to have an achievements topic.
  9. Cape

    My Update on Max Regular

    Good luck mate I'll follow your progress.
  10. Cape

    Vote now!

    Voted. :)
  11. Cape

    How to Download mobile for Androids only.

    Nice guide Zezima.I'll definitely use it if I want it on my phone. :D
  12. Cape

    Favorite/Worst Skill

    What is your favorite and worst skill on Novea? Favorite: Slayer Worst: Herblore
  13. Cape

    What are you doing right now on Novea?

    What are you doing right now on Novea? I'm doing absolutely nothing waiting on the release but I will be working towards maxed account.
  14. Cape

    Cape - Road To Max!

    Thanks Thomas. :D
  15. Cape


    What are your thoughts on Coronavirus? People saying it's coming from eating a bat others are saying it's man made. I'm not sure really but the whole situation is scary in my eyes. With death rates going up everyday in England, UK it's having my worries about my parents who have health issues.
  16. Cape

    What Are You Doing On First Day of Release?

    Taking it easy I think aim for top 5 highscores.
  17. Cape

    What's up boys

    Welcome and good luck my friend. :D
  18. Cape

    Rarely's Intro

    Welcome Rarely, enjoy your stay mate.
  19. Cape

    It’s Party Time!!!

    Welcome Let's Party :)
  20. Cape

    Zezima's introduction!

    Welcome Zezima :D.