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  1. R Y A N

    Novea Updates 1/3/2023

    Nicee, well played
  2. R Y A N

    R Y A N

    Hello everyone. I have played here on and off for 2 years (More off tbh) but I have now returned and I think it's now time for me to finish what I started. 200M Grinds LETS GET IT!!!!!!! glad to be back
  3. R Y A N

    Pikkis pk video

    Nice Video mate keep up the good work :)
  4. R Y A N

    I have returned

    Welcome back brother
  5. R Y A N

    Ely Raffle
  6. R Y A N

    Aug's Ironman Guide

  7. R Y A N

    Rate Novea's staff team

    Yeah hidden does probably smell tbf
  8. R Y A N

    How Did you hear about Novea.

    Hi I would be interested to know how many people joined here from the Facebook advert Thanks RyanSG93
  9. R Y A N

    Mobile Update.

    Hi there just wondering if there will be a mobile update at Some point Thanks RyanSG93
  10. R Y A N

    Novea Updates [7/06/2020]

    Save bonus xp scrolls when you log out is good is that the same with pet boost scrolls ? Thanks