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  1. Wreckless

    200m Cape Perks

    I'm aroused- Outstanding work brother!
  2. Wreckless

    cant play for some reason. nothings working

    Make sure your Java is up to date, following that clear the Novea cache & re try. (Close Novea client/Launcher when doing so). If you're still having issues, head over to Discord & do !ticket to speak to a staff member. Goodluck gamer
  3. Wreckless

    Patch Notes 7/7/2022

    Out doing yourself once again, Incredible work brother <3
  4. Wreckless

    this kind of behavior is to why the server can't keep new players

    This screenshot show's one side of the context, while technically Chris has already stated he'll handle it from knowledge Revamped hasn't yet broken a server rule. While harassment isn't okay, there is clearly history between you two & this could have contributed to his response. Have you tried...
  5. Wreckless

    Help Me cant creat account :*(

    Please explain- Unless it's changed, you must use the account you created on the forums as the login details. Ensure you've validated your email also, this could be it & apply a Two-Factor for added security.
  6. Wreckless

    Patch Notes 2/22/2022

    Fantastic to see the small things being fixed, Restarts are a perfect opportunity just to through a couple of fixes in! Excellent work brother!
  7. Wreckless

    Patch Notes 2/9/2022

    Fantastic work - It's great to see Novea heading in the right direction!
  8. Wreckless

    Hi Hitto - Usually staff applications can be completed here however it's indicated that staff...

    Hi Hitto - Usually staff applications can be completed here however it's indicated that staff applications are currently closed. Continue to support players & the community in-game & via the discord/froums. Being an active member of the community will amplify your chances to be seen. Cheers...
  9. Wreckless

    14/9/21 Novea Update: Mobile Overhaul - Bug Fixes - QOL & More!

    Fantastic work, loving the updates. Good to see Novea getting quality changes that actually make difference to the player base.
  10. Wreckless

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    Quality update Chris & team. Something to finally encourage me to play again. I'll see you online ;) Once I remember my damn password..
  11. Wreckless

    You back on Novea woman?

    You back on Novea woman?
  12. Wreckless


    Bienvenido a Novea, la mayoría de la comunidad habla inglés, sin embargo, puedes hablar tu lengua nativa en cualquier momento. Esperamos que disfrute de Novea y de lo que tiene para ofrecer. - Imprudente
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    Is ur server down it wont let me log in?

    At the time of this post Novea experienced a server delay which took it offline. Novea is now online!
  14. Wreckless

    Rune Wars Version 2

    #TeamNirvana > I'm a rep, but I'll probably not make the event.
  15. Wreckless


    Team #Nirvana - We'll extinguish your flame, pests!
  16. Wreckless


    This is a brilliant event, I love the idea of involving the community & creating a bit of active wilderness fun.
  17. Wreckless

    Legitimately the ugliest human alive. Let's fuck.

    Legitimately the ugliest human alive. Let's fuck.
  18. Wreckless

    Novea Updates [7/08/2020]

    Thread Locked Thank you for all player input.
  19. Wreckless

    Orion PVM & PVP CLAN

    Is this clan still active, if not I'll be locking this thread in 24 Hours.