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    password reset pls

    I've been sorted out thank you very much though.
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    password reset pls

    I have forgotten my password and even though I'm sure I did register with email I don't seem to be able to get it to come through
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    Zushi's farewell

    Hey everyone, I've really enjoyed playing with all of you pvming or whatever it may have been. I did get cleaned and loose my bank I'm not too proud to say that's why I'm quitting, no hard feelings! Good luck to you all the future, Cya!! -zushi
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    How to track every boss kill automatically

    Hey everyone, here is a quick guide on how to turn on kill count trackers for every boss a lot of people have asked in game how to do this and since I've just learned this myself I thought I would share it. Load up your client and client on the spanner the the side. Now...
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    Runecrafting 1-99 A comprehensive guide

    Hello everyone welcome to my 1-99 Runecrafting guide I hope you find this informative and helpful! Getting essence: Lets start at the beginning, so you're going to need pure essence and I bet you want to know where's best to get it. Well of course you can mine via the teleport...
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    Thanks Hioh, I appreciate that, however I am not a helper :P -Zushi
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    Pvp.... but with a twist

    better sign me up for this!!
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    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    Just wanted to come and post and say how after a few days of playing the new update it all feels really nice the updates are fantastic, great job!
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    What is your suggestion: My suggestions is an idea based off of the double xp and drop rate scrolls, i wondered if it might be an idea to add scrolls for things like x2 pc points that you can get from voting or maybe there's a rare chance of it coming from a pc game as well? Who/what does your...