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    Novea Updates 3/29/2022

    I have cancelled the riot if there was no divine potions, cheers sparc
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    G13 ~ TOB GUIDE

    Good guide bud :) Should put drop rate info in XD
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    End game content idea - with little dev time needed.

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about an idea that could be implemented to try make bosses we already have more useful and provide Novea with more end game content that we defiantly need. so my idea: The Ultimate Slayer Helm To create this helm you will require...
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    Novea suggestions - please read

    Hey guys, For those who dont know me I've been playing Novea since release and its really sad to see player numbers decline so i have a few ideas for some stuff that could be fixed to maybe help -Raids 2 -Make raids 2 scale based off player numbers, it's a daily struggle to get players who...
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    1086 kills later.......

    Dont rub it in XD smartass haha
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    1086 kills later.......

    Set the goal of getting myself vesta on the ironman, little did i know it was going to be a frustrating grind. Final kill: Total loot: Received first pet on 23 kc, also had 2 more pets on the way to 1086. Got about 600m in casket drops and used around 6k darts. Was also using rare drop...
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    Ironman - GWD complete (for now)

    Probably the most painful grind I've done so far man, whole lot of GP gone into staminas, and a lot of painful running round XD Hell yeah dude! #BandosBootsCollection EDIT: UPDATED WHAT IM UP TO NEXT
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    Ironman - GWD complete (for now)

    Finally finished up Kree'arra this morning! Been grinding the GWD bosses for some key items for the last few days and now I've finally finished so i thought i'd share my total loot + KC's Bandos : Tass,Chestplate, 4x boots in 85kc Saradomin : ACB on 313kc Armadyl : 2x Helm, Chest, Skirt in...
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    1st Maxed (HC) Ironman - 4/9/2020

    The man <3 Gz again bro EZPZ
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    Fe Chong - Road to Ironman Max Cape

    Looks like we're on the same journey mate! Good luck see ya around :)