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    Novea Updates 1/28/2022

    Awesome update :)
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    Buying multiple items!!

    Still buying most these?
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    Bid Wars

    Awesome idea! Excited for it!
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    Rate Novea's staff team

    Chris T - (7/10) Reason: Very friendly, answers on discord in a timely manner. I said 7/10 bc i feel like he should give a sneak peak or a date on when updates are being made, and if any suggestions we posted on discord hes putting into next update. Staff Director: Chas - (10/10) Reason: Does...
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    Donator Benefits Suggestion

    Great suggestions! I'm all for bumping up reg donar benefits cause right now they aren't too pleasing for people wanting to get donator status. You gotta get to the $50 mark to get semi worth it benefits right now which some people can't do.