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  1. Fe Bulk

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    Hope the Pernix hood doesn't look like that. Are you going to release darts for iron shops as well? Awesome that Skotizo has been added, been holding on my totems for a while now! Good job!
  2. Fe Bulk

    Game wont start on macbook

    I have a macbook and I have no issues playing the game after I've installed Java. So no it's not a joke.
  3. Fe Bulk

    Game wont start on macbook

    Make sure you install the right Java software
  4. Fe Bulk

    Nice meeting y'all!

    Welkom Nick, groeten vanuit België
  5. Fe Bulk

    Cant download on mobile

    Can you explain what you already tried?
  6. Fe Bulk

    Just straight shit

    Hi, Can you please inform me which staff you are talking about? This isn't a rule as Zi said
  7. Fe Bulk

    Lost 10 tournament waivers

    Yes, please message Chris or Fallen Angel in game or via Discord!
  8. Fe Bulk

    I have returned

    Welcome back!
  9. Fe Bulk

    200m prayer xp

    Awesome goals, please edit this thread from time to time to update us on your progress. Put a comment underneath the bump it every time!
  10. Fe Bulk

    buying teak planks or logs

    Hey! Unfortunately not many people sell resources nowadays :( . If you're willing to grind the logs yourself Miscellania is the way to go! Love that you're using the forums for this, but might want to check our Discord and the #marketplace-buying channel for a faster response! I have 835...
  11. Fe Bulk

    still signed in ???

    Good that this has been solved. Do you have any idea what caused the problem? Were you using any ring of transformation? F.e. Ring of Stone, Ring of Nature? These will keep you logged in when you x-log your client. Also certain instances cause this issue as well. Make sure to join our...
  12. Fe Bulk

    Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE

    This guide needs more viewers, thank you for this!
  13. Fe Bulk

    GIM Highscores

    Hey man, I'm a group iron myself. I'd love to get some feedback on how highscores would work for GIM. I was thinking an individual page and a group page,
  14. Fe Bulk

    My return

    I remember you ofcourse! Good to have you back, talk to mee when you see me pop-up in game!
  15. Fe Bulk

    Galvek made EZ =)

    Nice guide, still see you die a lot <3 <3 <3
  16. Fe Bulk

    Lmao. Abby demon RNG is insane.

    Nice man!
  17. Fe Bulk

    Rate Novea's staff team

  18. Fe Bulk

    Road To Max?! Super Mbox GIVEAWAY! Test Your LUCK!

    Nice one, keep making these!
  19. Fe Bulk

    Rune Wars Version 2

    As mentioned on Discord, only joining if I get to hear Chris' sexy voice in VC