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  1. Sparc

    Zamorak vs. Saradomin - RuneWars

    Hello Noveans! It’s long overdue – and finally time for the next In-Game Event Welcoming back, Zamorak vs Saradomin! When? Sunday, October 2nd Where? This event is hosted in the FFA Clan Wars Portal A.K.A. Fun Pk Teams will gather outside of the portal at ::LMS How does it work? To...
  2. Sparc

    Novea's PVM Bingo Board!

    Hello Noveans! We are here with a brand new Novea event, This is, Novea PVM Bingo! How It Works - Fill in the most squares on the bingo board and come away with the top prize! - When you receive a drop, make sure to take a screenshot with your in-game name AND DATE (no date = no square)...
  3. Sparc


    Hello Noveans, Many have been asking for an updated price guide, so here it is! Feel free to message me on Discord if you have any questions (Sparc blac#8735). *All prices are going to be at least a little more than what Sigmund offers for them **The second price will be Sigmund's buying price...
  4. Sparc

    Slayer Guide

    This will be your ultimate guide to Slayer! The page will be organized from Easy -> Boss tasks (alphabetically) including locations and methods! Speak to Krystilia next to Edgeville Bank at ::home to get started! (Note: It costs 5m gp to ::resettask - 30 points to cancel a task) Easy Tasks...