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  1. McTerso

    Find the goodiebag with proof of the vote!

    Find the Goody Bag. Me and NotACatfish will be hosting Goody Bags through out the days starting on monday! Check if im online to make your guess. I am going to have several different items like : Abyssal dagger (P++), Ferocious gloves, Amulet of torture, Armadyl crossbow, Serp helms and so much...
  2. McTerso

    Slayer task done xp

    Hey there, so basicly i was thinking of giving extra slayer xp when you finished a hard or boss slayer task. gives people more will to finish their tasks + going for more boss tasks. let me know what you guys think!
  3. McTerso

    McTerso's Introducing

    Hey there, my name is Rob and i am 23 years old. my ingame name is "McTerso" and a few people already know me :) i live in the Netherlands and i've been playing rsps for over 7 years now. i am a very social guy always love to talk and help out people in the community so feel free to pm me...