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    Novea Updates [17/09/2020]

    Looked forward to this! Seems like a lot of work has been done, keep it up! Thanks for the update.
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    Group iron man Event

    You don't even know what's in the goodiebag yet..
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    Couple suggestions for improvement

    Added one more suggestion, the ring crafting bug..
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    Couple suggestions for improvement

    Hi guys in this thread i'll be posting a couple of suggestions to improve the server aswell as some suggestions i'd love to see ingame.Kappa 1) Fix the bug where you can't attack NPCs from certain angles. This is probably something that's already been suggested and worked on, tho it's a...
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    Decanting potions

    Today I took out my noted potions (full inventory) and went to the NPC in edgeville to decant them. When I selected the Dose 4 option most of my potions disappeared from my inventory. (They didn't return into my bank) Playing as a group ironman we have to gather all the supplies ourselves which...
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    Charged items (Dfs, blowpipe, trident, serp helm...)

    Hi, When I logged in yesterday and took my blowpipe out of the bank it appeared empty (it was charged with 3k addy darts and scales). Suggestion: Whenever you have a charged item in your bank (Dfs, blowpipe, trident, serp helm,...) and you set a placeholder, whenever it has more/less charges...